Testosterone: Raise Your Levels Of This Vital Hormone With These Top 10 T-Boosting Foods


It is possible to boost your Testosterone Level naturally…. it just may take a bit longer… but remember to stay consistent!

When California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger uttered the phrase “girlie men” at a September press conference, he probably didn’t realize it aptly describes a growing epidemic.

“A surprising number of men even fit-looking men suffer from testosterone levels that are too low and estrogen levels that are too high,” says Larrian Gillespie, MD, a retired Beverly Hills urologist and author of The Gladiator Diet. Stress, inactivity and smoking can all lead to low T levels, but eating the wrong foods is testosterone’s No. 1 enemy.






Bottom line: Eat the following 10 foods to boost your testosterone, and your muscles will grow bigger and harder. It’s that simple.

1) Oysters

What’s Inside:
Protein, magnesium, lots of zinc

The Facts:
Along with increasing your physical endurance, oysters pack more zinc than almost any other food source just six gives you almost seven times the RDA and zinc plays a key role in muscle growth and testosterone levels.

How To Get It:

Eat a serving of oysters once a week, raw, cooked or canned but preferably not fried.

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Congrats to New Wave’s very own Roxanne Lee…..Double Gold Medals…read on

ROXANNE LEE powered to a pair of gold medals at the just concluded International Powerlifting Federation/ North American Powerlifting Federation Caribbean Championships, which was recently held in the US Virgin Islands.

Lee’s golden performances saw her lift the Women’s Overall Masters and Women’s Open 72- kilogram division titles.

At the championships, Lee also broke four regional records in the Women’s Masters division. She now holds records in the squat with a lift of 160kg (352 pounds), bench press 105kg (231 pounds), deadlift 157.5kg (346.5 pounds) and she shattered the record for the total amount of weight lifted in her division by recording a staggering 422.5kg (929.5 pounds).

On the final night of competition, Lee was awarded the prize for the best female lifter in the Masters Division which automatically qualified her for the highly acclaimed World Power Lifting Championships. This event will be held in Puerto Rico in November.

Lee admitted that the victories were most memorable when she stood atop the podium in national colours. The budding athlete also became one of the focal talking points at the Regional Championships with several administrators, competitors and fans all expressing their admiration for her remarkable achievements.

She was also featured in the media in the US Virgin Islands and became somewhat of a celebrity during the four-day competition. However, Lee has chosen to remain grounded and has projected her focus on the World Championships, where she expects to finish among the top three competitors in her category.

Meanwhile, the part-time gym instructor cites financial challenges as one of the main obstacles suppressing her progress. Although receiving some funding from one of her training partners and good friend Troy Toyer, Lee’s career has been severely handicapped by a lack of funds.

Unlike some other national powerlifters, Lee receives no assistance from the corporate sector despite numerous attempts to secure a sponsor. The local body provides some assistance for overseas tours but competitors are responsible for their own airfare.

Additionally, the costs of proper nutrition, supplements, professional gear and drug testing continue to rise and pose a major challenge to the financial resources of this outstanding athlete. Lee originally started getting involved in bodybuilding at the age of 20.

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